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Abraham Lincoln booksAbraham Lincoln books

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Included in the Color of Lincoln book is a full color stereoview of the recently "discovered" Lincoln Gettysburg Procession picture.

The Abraham Lincoln picture as released by the library of Congress was reversed leading to great confusion. The bottome image shows the President mid salute. This is further acknowledgement of the mastery brought to photography by the experts capturing Gettysburg. In color and 3-D, the image is as close to being there as we will ever get.

Abraham Lincoln photographsAbraham Lincon at Gettysburg

(All images are © Copyright 2008, 2009 Bryan Eaton all rights reserved)

The color Abraham Lincoln pictures represent a significant restoration and improvement over the original Abraham Lincoln photos (as seen below).

Abraham Lincoln books

all photos Copyright 2008 Bryan Eaton all rights reserved

Copyright © 2009 Color of Lincoln, Inc. all rights reserved.

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