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Bryan Eaton is the author and creator of the Abraham Lincoln pictures in full color. In late 2004, Mr. Eaton started developing the prototypes for the Color of Lincoln photos.

Over the next 5 years the library of Lincoln photos was completed as well as the authoriship of the book with co-author Lee Rizio.

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Lincoln's Parents
A more realistic Nancy Hanks

Nancy Hanks LincolnYoung Thomas Lincoln

I have performed a second bit of forensic photo work to portray Nancy Hanks as she may have looked in the early 1800s. I think one can see a better potential of the likeness to what may have been the way Nancy Hanks Lincoln appeared. I have achieved this by taking facial characteristics from the Lincoln family members and eliminating facial characteristics that are not from Thomas Lincoln or Mary Todd. Added references to photos of the family tree, specifically noting resemblences to the offspring of Robert Lincoln, Jessie Harlan Lincoln and Mary Beckwith Lincoln, are used to obtain the most recurring facial structure.

John Hanks, her cousin, described Lincoln's mother to Billy Herndon in the autumn of 1865. "She was a tall slender woman. dark skinned, black hair and eyes, her face was sharp and angular forehead big."

The most likely resemblance of Nancy Hanks results and is shown here with an age adjusted photo of Thomas Lincoln to represent how the young Lincoln parents may have looked.

( John Hanks quote from "Lincoln Among His Friends", Rufus R. Wilson, Caxton Printers, Ltd. 1942 p.34)

(Below) Here a colorized Sarah Bush Johnston's picture as an eldery woman and also performed a bit of retouching to approximate how she may have looked when raising the Lincoln children.Sarah Bush Lincoln picture Seeing Thomas Lincoln - Abraham's father -in color - there is little doubt of the paternity of Abraham Lincoln. The larger sized ears, broad mouth and square jaw line areso obviously from his father.

Thomas LincolnAbraham Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln Photos

J. Wilkes Boothe

all photos © Copyright 2008-2009 Bryan Eaton all rights reserved


More Abraham Lincoln Photos for Color of Lincoln

New images of Abraham Lincoln and his parents have been developed for multiple projects. The newly elected President Lincoln at flag raising in honor of Kansas statehood at Independence Hall, 1861.

Abraham Lincoln Photos

When Lincoln gave his first inauguaral address in March, 1861, the photos have not clearly shown Abraham Lincoln. Here for the first time, a color version of Lincoln giving his Inaugural Address, which stirred Congress to start fighting amongst itself - leading to the first act of war, shows Lincoln more clearly than he has been seen to date at the Inaugural. Bryan Eaton presents the Abraham Lincoln photo here in color for the first time.

Abraham Lincoln photo

Abraham Lincoln photo


New Color of Lincoln Specials

1st edition- Color of Lincoln - $44.95

The only book published with all the pictures of Abraham Lincoln in full color.

Copyright © 2009 Color of Lincoln, Inc. all rights reserved.


Color of Lincoln is reviewed in the Spring, 2009 issue of the "Lincoln Forum Bulletin"

"Color of Lincoln" by Bryan Eaton and Lee Rizio with photographs by Bryan Eaton.. does for 19th century photographs what TedTurner -sponsored colorization did for classic movies : adds vivid tinting to the fuzzy black- and- white prints of Lincoln's own era. What emerges is a startlingly new portrayal of the 16th president, bound to stir emotion and even controversy . Historian James Cornelius called the result "an excellent example of an 'a-ha!' moment of invention .. why didn't someone think of this sooner?"


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